Sunday, October 10, 2021

The CoronaMan Cometh, A Shimoda Triathlon production, コロナマンが美味しい!

We like it down South!

Thank you all for the tremendous Birthday wishes. This year we did the annual Shimoda triathlon during my bday weekend, which made it extra special..


When you go around the sun this many times, each revolution feels like a huge milestone, especially with the big move to Shimoda this year. 

First and foremost, I would like to than my dear wife for putting up with all my birthday antics/triathlon tragics over the past week. While I was chasing youth with good friends on the Shimoda triathlon circuit, Meg was holding down the fort, not to mention prepping for the grand BBQ.

And I’d like to thank my dear friends Yuuka, Duncan, Marat, Hiro, Iyo, Jon, Carmel, and Kirsten for making the CoronaMan an overwhelming success. Despite my 2 punctured tires, everyone had a great time and workout. They didn’t have Corona beers at the market, but Baird craft beers were perfect for the CoronaMan BBQ.

At 64 years old, it’s a nice time for reflection. I’m not saying that I am 64, but When I’m 64, it will be interesting to see where I am, if I’m still chasing Kona in triathlon, going for my 195th country visited, and watching my kids come of age.

I’m really touched by all of your sweet messages. Thank you all again!

PS. My age remains a mystery, but here’s a hint left by my Dad: When I was born, LBJ was president, a new home cost $40,000 USD, and a gallon of gas was 28 cents… 









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