Friday, March 02, 2012

The marathon man cometh back 久しぶり

Whoa, it has been too long! 久しぶりです。

What a year 2011 was. We have a new little man in the house in case you didn't know. A knee injury and a new job are my excuses for not updating this running blog....


Anyway, here goes. I took 1 full year off from June 2010 to June 2011.

I started running lightly in July 2011 on the tender knee. It was a torn meniscus, and so I decided to take a full break from running and see if it healed up naturally (although meniscus is cartilage and does not repair itself, I thought the tissue around the meniscus might get better).

We went to Hawaii in December and I found
myself toeing the line of the Honolulu Marathon.

I ran a PW (personal worst) by a long shot (previous PW was a 3:58 during an ironman), 4:44:44. It was a training run of sorts for Tokyo marathon.

12月にハワイへ行って、何んとなくホノルルマラソンの一週間前に申請してしまった。記録は自己最低 4:44:44.死死死死ね

On to Tokyo marathon, February 26, 2012.
It was painful, as I had been dreading, but 4:18 was faster than my “somewhere-
under-4:44:44-expectation” (sorry Geraldine!). Needless to say, a PW in Japan, but 26 minutes faster than my WW PW (4:44). I didn’t really train, which is a faux pas, “don’t try this at home”,


no/no, in namban circles,

but as mentioned the injury and little Motozo at home prevented much serious training. I averaged about 25k per week for the past 2 months, and indeed hit the wall at 22k or so.

I ran thru it despite strong urges to pull over and rest… was a great thrill to see Meg and Ty on the sidelines cheering me on. That got me inspired to finish and get home quickly!


And many thanks to Chiba san, Jaynie, Mary, and company for your support. It was a nice sendoff for Kylie (pictured with Keren in this photo) too. I pulled up to Kylie’s Dad at 30k or so, and we ran together for 5k.


I think it helped us both. Great party and namband. Too bad they couldn’t play longer….was looking forward to more running songs…congrats to all that got PBs including Taro, Kylie, Dan N., Harrison, Don, Brandon, Jay Def., Stan the man!