Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kawazu "triathlon", Izu hanto, 河津トライアスロン、伊豆半島

Kawazu inaugural "triathlon" and the 2016 triathlon season is in the books. I was happy with a 1:02 bike (without transitions) where I averaged 37.1 kph, and a 42 minute run, but we were dismayed by the JTUs complete lack of sack. The JTU cancelled the swim due to "roughwaters" 30 minutes before the swim start. We stood in shock in our wetsuits on the pristine beach thinking, "are they out of their minds??"

I got 25th overall, 11th in the ultra-competitive 40-49 AG in this spontaneous duathlon. I would have been first if I could only have fired up the handy time machine to next year.  :)


the most unusual bike transition...

Great to get the Tycoon support!

Tim and the Ryano gearing up for the race...

Those are the waves on the beach the morning of the race...big enough to cancel a swim?

You are the weiner!

A free towel for your efforts...

Catch you in 2017!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Choshi Marine triathlon, little trip to Chiba, 銚子マリーナの調子がまあまあ良かった..

Choshi Marine triathlon went smooth and seamless. It had been 8 years since I had done the race, and it was nice to see the modest progression of my swim and bike.


The swim was lightning fast as usual. I did 24 minutes, which is about my PB for a 1500 meter swim. It is in the Choshi Marine harbor, completely protected from the ocean surf. I did 25-26 minutes 8 years ago so my swim was satisfying.

The bike was challenging with rolling hills and hairpin turns every 3-4k. Managed 34 kph, or 1:09 without transitions. Full result stats are below. You can see my bike is the most competitive as usual.

The run was hot yet gratifying as I was able to maintain 4:30 pace while viewing friends on the course's short, tight loops.

My total time was 2:24:00, good for 7th in my age group out of 95 athletes.

Gearing up Hillary, it's her 10-year birthday in 2016 and she still shines!

It was great to get many of the TiT members down including Dave Sims, Ernesto, Jean-Marc, Tim, and Hoel.

I drove back Tim and Hoel, pictured above. Hoel, a rising star on the tri circuit, let me beat him on his last race in Japan. Bon chance, Hoel!

総合 順位 No. 氏名 性別 総合記録
37 488 Rubenstein David 男 2:24:00

スイムラップ S順
0:24:51 67

1:13:25 27 1:38:16 36
バイクラップ B順 スプリット 通過

0:45:44 71
ランラップ R順

36 45-49男子 7
男子 順位  年齢区分 区分 順位