Saturday, March 02, 2013

Tokyo marathon, 2013, super something

In my wildest dreams, I run a sub-3 hour marathon in my 6th running of the Tokyo marathon. "I am Superman, and I can do anything!" (REM) 東京マラソンを6回目完走しました。

And back to reality, planet earth...昨年より好成績。ちょっと成長した。下記は...

スプリット (ネットタイム)
Split (Net Time)
5km00:27:24 (0:25:45)スーパ Super!0:25:4509:37:24
10km00:52:57 (0:51:18)超スーパ V. Super!0:25:3310:02:57
15km01:19:28(1:17:49)ままスーパ NV. super0:26:3110:29:28
20km01:47:01 (1:45:22)ちょっと hmmm0:27:3310:57:01
25km02:15:03 (2:13:24)えーと  oh god0:28:0211:25:03
30km02:46:37 (2:44:58)あら。。uh oh0:31:3411:56:37
35km03:16:38 (3:14:59)おーけ  yeah0:30:0112:26:38
40km03:46:37 (3:44:58)やって!go super!0:29:5912:56:37
Finish03:59:41 (3:58:02)はいラスト!done!0:13:0413:09:41

Perhaps the Eminem SUPERMAN song is more appropriate than REM...(the following lyrics have been modified for family audiences)

"They call me superman, I'm here to rescue you. I want to save you girl, come be in Shady's world" ...that was the 1H of my race. The 2H of the marathon the tone of the song changed to something like this, "They call me superman, leap tall runners in a single bound, but I'm tired now, got no gas in the tank anymore, that 3:30 goal never felt so far away, in a race like this, Save it Clark, babysit, you make me sick, Superman ain't savin' shit!...."

And here's a marathon cookie for your efforts!

Starbucks party before a race?  Super!

Despite the mortal man splits, it was a super fun day. Following the semi-reunion/caffeine dosage with long lost nanban runners at the glorious Starbucks, we re-adjourned to the our usual starting positions circa 40 minutes before the Shinjuku start. BRRRRRR! I managed to squeeze into the B gate, spotted Brandon and several nanbanners reveling in the pre-race excitement. 

The mayor spoke, the horns blew, the confetti flew, and we were off....


I felt fine at 5 minute pace for the first 12k or so, than slowed a bit, but was inspired by many fellow nanban runners and our strong support team in Shinagawa, Hibiya, etc. Kimo came out early at about 5k in Akabanebashi which was a nice lift. I heard Bob's voice, and Keren's wife Yukie in Shirokane, than Chiba san and the gang in Shinagawa. I felt just super when I saw Satoe and Michael at 18k (pictured below). We did our impression of the Beatles running a marathon...


                                                    super-Abbey road

I missed Meg and Ty at 23k, which is where the legs stiffened and pacing went out the window, not helped by a 3 minute bathroom break (note to superheroes: 1 piece costumes make it super-hard to take care of business) 23キロ地点でメグとタイに会う予定だったが、残念ながら会えず。しょげてしまったのか、その後脚が固くなって、お手洗いの為に休憩してしまったせいもあり、ペースが遅くなった。

I finally caught up with Meg and Ty, who was fast asleep, at 32k, and staggered home to the Odaiba finish from that point. Meg really looked cold, but managed to take a few snaps of superman. I felt so sorry for Meg, Ty and other supporters who had to deal with the wind and cold while us runners stayed warm and toasty. 

I "flew" across the finish line in 3:58, much slower than my 3:30 hard goal and 3:40 softer goal. I had written off the 3:25 goal, which is Boston qualifying time, weeks ago. No excuses except for the strong wind, superman outfit, 3-minute bathroom break, 2-minute photo opp, lack of long runs, knee injury from 2 years ago, etc.! 
僕の総飛行距離(一応スーパーマンなので、笑)は3:58:02。目標の3:30よりかなり遅い。ボストンマラソンの登録の時は、予想タイム3:25と書いてしまったけど、もう数週間しか時間もなく、この調子だと多分無理だと思う今回の遅いタイムの言い訳は、1. 強風、2. スーパーマンのコスチュームは走りにくい、3. お手洗い休憩でのタイムロス, 4. 写真休憩、5. 長距離トレーニングをしてしなかった、6. それから最後に去年の膝の怪我がまだ完治してしなかった、という事。

Despite this, did I mention that it was a super day? Supermarathon, super-supporters, and super nanban post-race party. Thanks to Keren for setting it up. 全体的にスーパー日だった!

Next stop: triathlon season! 

June: Japan 70.3 half-ironman ハーフだ。
July: Roth, Germany challenge, full-ironman distance! レッツチャレンジ!
September: Las Vegas 70.3 half-ironman world championships.レッツ決勝!