Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shimoda triathlon #3, homegrown and crispy

The 3rd edition of the homegrown Shimoda triathlon is done and dusted. We had surprisingly fortuitous weather. Many thanks to Greg Stevens for the precision timing. Youri was the top dog by a large gap, holding on to a big bike lead. Jay, Motozo, and Keren had an epic battle in the heated run. Charlie was a superstar in the water and on the saddle. Mika T. was the top female. Everyone started, finished, didn't get lost, and had a great time. Times and action shots are below.

Youri 2:19
Jay 2:25
Motozo 2:25
Keren 2:26
Charles/Makiko 2:38
Mika T 2:40
Emil 2:41
Stan 2:42
Dante 2:43
Niall 2:58
Ale/Greg 3:01
Naoko 3:01. Partial
Meeks 3:09

the forecast said rain, this is what we got

swim start, 6 AM, Sunday morning

You don't get a better swim view than this

ready to roll


high touch!

the podium

all out BBQ

Our favorite spot

White beach breakfast with all the fixings

Monday, June 29, 2015

Niijima triathlon: rough start in paradise

Niijima, a beautiful island near Shimoda and home of my 1st triathlon of the 2015 season. Niijima is one of the triathlons in the Izu island series. Since Shimoda is part of the Izu peninsula, it's only appropriate that I should represent the Shimoda people in the race. It had been 5 years since my last trip to Niijima.

To sum it up, a great island weekend but disappointing race performance. Good swim, fair bike, horrible run. I hope to avenge this race in Aizu and Murakami later this summer.

24:33 swim (a PB)
1:09:25 bike
52:06 run

2:29:12 total

I thought I might have a chance at my PB 2:17 from last year after a good swim start, but did not feel great on the bike, and really suffered on the run. Still scratching my head on the slow run part. I ran about 10 minutes in Murakami last year, but was more spent in Niijima. The hills hurt me also.

Travelled to the island on the jet boat with Keren and Phil.

Keren had a great race, a PB, and 1st in age-adjusted grouping. Phil did well, his first race in several years. This is us pre-race with Mihaela.

 wait for it... kampai!

 Chris Parry's twin brother...

A view to a kill from the puddle jumper...