Thursday, November 17, 2016

Choshi Marine triathlon, little trip to Chiba, 銚子マリーナの調子がまあまあ良かった..

Choshi Marine triathlon went smooth and seamless. It had been 8 years since I had done the race, and it was nice to see the modest progression of my swim and bike.


The swim was lightning fast as usual. I did 24 minutes, which is about my PB for a 1500 meter swim. It is in the Choshi Marine harbor, completely protected from the ocean surf. I did 25-26 minutes 8 years ago so my swim was satisfying.

The bike was challenging with rolling hills and hairpin turns every 3-4k. Managed 34 kph, or 1:09 without transitions. Full result stats are below. You can see my bike is the most competitive as usual.

The run was hot yet gratifying as I was able to maintain 4:30 pace while viewing friends on the course's short, tight loops.

My total time was 2:24:00, good for 7th in my age group out of 95 athletes.

Gearing up Hillary, it's her 10-year birthday in 2016 and she still shines!

It was great to get many of the TiT members down including Dave Sims, Ernesto, Jean-Marc, Tim, and Hoel.

I drove back Tim and Hoel, pictured above. Hoel, a rising star on the tri circuit, let me beat him on his last race in Japan. Bon chance, Hoel!

総合 順位 No. 氏名 性別 総合記録
37 488 Rubenstein David 男 2:24:00

スイムラップ S順
0:24:51 67

1:13:25 27 1:38:16 36
バイクラップ B順 スプリット 通過

0:45:44 71
ランラップ R順

36 45-49男子 7
男子 順位  年齢区分 区分 順位

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