Sunday, October 23, 2016

Murakami triathlon and the Niigata bug, 村上トライアスロンと新潟病気

It didn't go as planned but it never really does. Caught some kind of Niigata bug, had cold sweats and nausea, no appetite, and a pounding headache, but soldiered thru the race, which was hot yet beautiful. I did 2:23:08, 7th in my so-called age group. I was most pleased with my 1:05 bike, 36.6 kph. 

Run was OK at 45 minutes, 4:36 per K pace, in heat. The swim was deceptively slow at 26 minutes but better than Oshima. Didn't get to pace off of most fellow TITs members as my age group was mysteriously placed in the last male wave. C'est la vie. 

Good to see all the Tokyo triathletes. On to the 2nd part of the doubleheader next Sunday in Choshi Marina. Maido domo! 

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