Sunday, August 23, 2020

Mt. Yotei Conquered in Hokkaido! やっと羊蹄山を予定表に入れました。:)

😎Hello there! It has been almost 3 years since my last official race in Osaka in late 2017. Where did the time go? Let's see...a new home, new job, and new addition to the family seemed to pull me away from training and racing, not to mention a pandemic. But alas, a trip to Hokkaido has rejuvenated the joy of fitness and the great outdoors. 

Ernesto, a local triathlete, invited me to do a homegrown triathlon around Lake Toyako, which did not disappoint. That really kick started my training in Hokkaido and I was able to do 8 training sessions during the first week of our stay. 


We saved the best for the 2nd week. A big mountain climb called Mount Yotei. We have been coming to Hokkaido for many years but hadn’t climbed the giant overlooking Niseko. Finally made it happen and rammed Yotei into the old yoteihyo! 昨日初めて羊蹄山に登りました。足🦵は今とても痛いなんですが、やっと羊蹄山を予定表に入れたからなまら良かったです。

We started climbing at 8 am and finished around 2:30 pm. Climbing time was 2:30 up to the top, than we took about 1 hour to circle the volcano crater, than another 1:40 to descend for a total of 5 hours 18 minutes of hiking time, 1,664 meters of elevation gain (summit is 1,878 meters). The visuals from the top were awesome with clear views of Toyako, Niseko, Kutchan, and even could see the main island Honshuu. Meg was a superstar despite the lack of hiking 🥾 gear. We left our hiking shoes in Tokyo so used old running shoes with little tread. Forgot to bring our hiking poles also which would have helped on the tricky descent. We ascended and descended from Hangetsu Lake which is supposed to be more steep and challenging than the other common trail (Makkari). May try that one next time. Legs are super sore now but well worth it. Good to meet Tony on the summit as well.

午前8時にクライミングを開始し、午後2時30分頃に終了しました。 登山時間は、頂上まで2時間半で、火山の火口を一周するのに約1時間かかりましたが、さらに1時間40分下りで合計5時間18分のハイキング時間でした。 頂上からの景色は洞爺湖、ニセコ、倶知安のはっきり見えたし、本州も見ることができました。 恵は装備不足にもかかわらずスーパースターでした。 私たちは東京にハイキングシューズを置いたので、トレッドの少ない古いランニングシューズを使用しました。 降下に役立つはずだったハイキングポールも忘れてしまいました。 普通のトレイル(真狩)よりも険しくて険しい半月湖を上り下りしました。 次回も真狩をやってみますね。 足は今とても痛いですが、やっと羊蹄山を予定表に入れたから凄く良かったです。 サミットでトニーに会うのもわやだったね!

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