Sunday, January 14, 2007

A rare mid-winter update

I usually only update this blog after a race, but 2 events have prompted me to post my thoughts and pictures.

1. A brand new toy (triathlon bike).

2. An excellent week of marathon training, as the peak of February Tokyo marathon training cycle approaches.

By popular request (well, my brother, Mary, and a colleague at work), I've took some quick snappies from my living room of the new addition, where she sits still in pristine splendor. I should give her a name such as "Blue Thunder", "Blue Highway", "Fast Mother Fo", "Blew By You", "Carbon Homicide", Jane Seymour, Koyuki, Q-chan, Franka Potente, Hilary Swank, etc. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let know!

The Tokyo marathon is quickly approaching. Showtime is February 18, which gives your humble narrator exactly 5 weeks left to train. Given the 10 day taper, there are only realistically 3 more weeks of hard training ahead. The past 2 weeks were good, fuelled by a long new year holiday and trip to Singapore to pick-up Hilary Swank. During my 1 week stay in Singapore, I got in no less than 4 runs in +30 C heat, plus a 70K bike ride on Blue Thunder. I think the hot runs and time off helped, because I upped my weekly mileage from 76K in late December to 81K last week and 93K this week without much problem. This past week was particularly satisfying. I don't usually post my workouts, but here goes:

January 8-14

Monday: off

Tuesday: 15K easy run in Palace at about 4:40/K pace.

Wednesday: Hard track workout at Oda field. First, a "warmup" with Carol and Jay of 4 X 1600: Splits were 6:35, 6:32, 6:33, 6:50. Than, Mika persuaded me to do a hard 10K pace run at 4:15/K pace. We were able to hold that pace, although it was tough. Akira and Masako stayed with me the whole way. Total of 18K of high quality running.

Thursday: off

Friday: Hard 15K pace run. 5K splits were 21:57, 21:52, 21:38 for an average of 4:21/K pace. Probably my best 15K training run in many, many moons...

Saturday: Easy 13K recovery run in Akasaka Gosho. 3.3K splits were 17:24, 17:28, 17:07, 17:27, for an average pace of 5:16 K/pace.

Sunday: Hard long run of 32K. Total time was 2:27:00 for a brisk 4:35/K pace (7:22/mile pace). The last 7K were particularly fast with Steve, as we cruised along at 4:20 pace for several K.

Total: 93K for the week (58 miles), with 3 relatively hard runs and 2 easy runs. I hope to log in over 100K at some point in the next few weeks, with at least 1 run of 35K. This should prepare my legs and mind somewhat for the "wall" at 30-42K. Today's long run felt good. I was tired after 32K, but felt I could hold the pace for another 5K or so.

Some other pics of interest over the past month:

Nanbanners countdown the new year at Motozo's, Dec 31, 2006: Nanban jin include Juergen, Keren, and Robin, all in the funny pointy hats. Editor's note: Motozo ran 25K virtually alone the next day on a vicious hangover (Stuart joined for the final 7K).

At the countdown, HG was in the haus! Yahooooo! MC commentary.

Gemba kara nama housou suru 現場から生放送する......3... 2... 1...pop goes the weasel! Happy new year...akebono omedeto gozaimasu, kotonishiki yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

New year's resolutions are to successfully drive Franka Potente thru to the finish of Japan Iron Man in June, 2007, run a PB in the Tokyo marathon, become the top-rated stock analyst in Japan, and last and least, to compose less samui oyaji gyagu.

Meanwhile, a defrost trip to SE Asia beckoned....

A Victorian-looking Singapore street in the old China Town, toured by fellow Binghamton Devil Lord Chris Fix.

And a short trip to Malaysia...Selamat Datang! (Welcome to Malaysia!) in Mersing, while waiting for the ferry to Tioman Isle, we tasted Malaysia sweet liquor from Brunei.

The beach at Salang on Tioman Isle, same as it ever was, serene and deep blue. The beach was a ghost town due to Monsoon season. We could not find a drop of sake in the entire town.

Our plane back to civilization... Plane capacity: 44, Crew: 3, Total passengers: 2 !!! I said TWO!Motozo is dead serious. More next month after the big Tokyo Marathon....sayonara


Jay said...

1. Well I am going to refer to your bike as Hilary Swank no matter what you ultimately decide to christen it.
It is a thing of beauty - my hopes of catching you on the run segment are over.

2. "10 day taper"? - I was told the optimal taper is 28 days. Maybe I am just looking for an excuse to cut back and not train..

3 . Very impressive week of training

4. Thanks for the pics and narrative. I have got to make it to Malaysia (and your next party).

mika t. said...

Sugoi bike! It looks really fast. You should cut at least 30% of your bike time by it!!!

David 元三 Rubenstein said...

Jay, I am no taper expert, so you may be right..I have heard that you don't want to do a super strenous long run less than 2 weeks before the marathon...

David 元三 Rubenstein said...


my old bike times were not too shabby, so the starting point is relatively fast...I am hoping for more comfort and more speed, and better running legs after the bike too...

Anonymous said...

You were flying on Blue Thunder, Motozo. Thanks for giving me a draft on Lim Choo rd. I was feeling very comforatable then realized we were going 42km/h...
Come back to Singapore soon. I am sure you will miss running in MacRitchie Reservoir. You are lucky, cos we have been raining every day since you left. Poor Keren, but we managed to run 25km in cool weather yesterday.

David 元三 Rubenstein said...

Mika, was that the road we biked on?? I would have never known..thanks for the tour of singapore..the hot runs helped my endurance motozo thinks...