Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Niijima Triathlon, the little swim that got away 新島トライアスロン今年のウォームアップラップって感じ

The first triathlon of 2023 is done and dusted, although it was actually a duathlon. Strong seas and ferocious winds made for an interesting venue on this picturesque island a short boat 2.5 hour boat ride from Shimoda.

It poured rain all night on Friday and looked ominous for the Saturday afternoon race. However, Niijima’s swim course is in a protected harbor and I had never dreamed that large waves would breach the usually calm beach. But on race day this is exactly what happened. So a triathlon was converted to a run-bike-run duathlon event.

For the TnT reps, Ken P. had a stellar 10k run despite his transpacific trips in May. And Motozo won his Oyaji age group. Did I mention that is an awesome island to race and visit?

First run, 2k

I managed to run under 5-minute pace up that first nasty hill, and actually appreciated the gorgeous view at the top of the hill....

that's where the scenery appreciation ended and the punishment began...

Bike, 40k

In heavy winds with my disc racing wheels, the bike was a tough grind. It was all I could do to average 32 kph for the 4 x 10k laps. 

2nd run, 10k

There was zero appreciation for the views on the 2nd run as I was running on empty. The run course is 5k x 2 laps up a hill to the middle of the island, than back downhill to the start/finish area. The first lap went OK albeit and dissatisfying pace. I told myself naively that I would put the petal to the medal on the 2nd lap but actually had the contrary effect, felt terrible from 6k on and slowed down to a tortoise pace. I finished 34th overall and was 1st in the for 55-59 AG. 


Full results here:



スイムは強風のためキャンセルされましたが、デュアスロンのレースはとても良かった。 ケンは素晴らしい走りをした。 元三は親父年齢グループを獲得した。



最初の走行では、厄介な丘を 5 分未満のペースで登ることができて、頂上の素晴らしい景色を堪能した。


自転車, 40k

強風でのバイクのタフな仕事、平均時速 32 キロだ。


第二ラン, 10k

ランの2本目 は景色を堪能できなかった。最初の5キロのラップは満足のいくペースではなかったものの順調だった。 2周目でペースアップをすると自分に言い聞かせたが、実際は逆効果で、6キロ以降はひどい気分になり、亀のペースまで落ちてしまった。

Always good to soak in the roman-type onsen overlooking the ocean..

Finally got to swim the next day in a totally flat sea.


This weekend the journey continues at Nagaragawa Middle Triathlon, Gifu Prefecture…



Anonymous said...

Nice report and congrats Motozo on winning the AG!

David 元三 Rubenstein said...

Thanks buddy. Yep, another epic race coming up in May. Stay tuned...