Thursday, October 19, 2017

Murakami triathlon, close but no cigar, plus special birthday thoughts..

Murakami triathlon. Always a great way to culminate the triathlon season with so many big hitters making the journey from Tokyo. And a big birthday on the day as well...I got 4th in my AG, just missing the podium due to a mediocre swim. Would have been nice to nail it on my birthday but that's the way the cookie crumbles..

Total 2:21:41

Swim 28:17 What happened? I must have serpentined too much as I felt pretty strong going into September and believed I would swim 25 to 26 minutes. 

Bike 1:09:49 (includes 2 transitions)
Not too shabby. About 1:04:23, 37.1 kph without transitions.

 Run 43:35
Smoking gun. Felt nice, was able to run hard and pick up pace with 3k to go.

Train ride party, and 50th!

The following Friday, it was my extreme pleasure to celebrate my 50th birthday in Tokyo with 50 of my closest friends. Megumi was a superstar, setting up the whole event. These lifetime friendships are like an extension of my body. I could not function without them.

Special thanks to Keren, Bruno, Tamiko, and Dave Mccombs, who were all at my 40th birthday party, and have survived and thrived with me throughout the past decade.

A big shout to Seanny, my oldest friend in Tokyo, who I've known since my teenage years in college.

I also appreciate all the triathlete and marathon friends who came out to this gathering. You have helped me stay in shape over the years. Kudos!

 Most of all, thanks to my gorgeous wife for tremendous execution of the most special party ever!

Meg, you superstar!

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