Sunday, October 29, 2017

50k ultra-birthday run、過去最高距離50キロ

Oh whadda feeling,Toyota! 南蛮連合人たちのおかげで過去最高距離50キロを5時間以下で無事に完走しました。

スタンザマンと妻美し恵も全部50キロを楽にでき、感謝します。I completed 50km in my goal of under 5 hours in my 50th year of existence! Huge shouts to all the runners who dragged me along the journey. 

Stan za man was an amazing tour guide along the Kitazawa streets, tirelessly recollecting the slow ones in the group (me) every few clicks. Genki Megumi and Stan did the entire 50k with me and looked fresh as daisies at the finish line. Your humble narrator was running on fumes. 

Tim, Keren, Makiko, Gareth, Rika E, Rika H, Ben, Meeks, Rieko, Satohi, Terry, Jay, Renaud were all there at various points on the course. We started on the in the western suburbs of the Tamagawa river, ran the river to Futago Tamagawa, hung a left up 246, circled Komazawa Park several times, took the Kitazawa streets to Yoyogi Park, and finished with numerous 1.3k short loops in the park. 

Many thanks to all! It was an extreme pleasure to spend the day with so many close friends, doing what we all love to do. 

This completes the 50th festivities for the time being. Now everyone can rest their legs and livers!誕生日の素晴らし1週間祭りはこれまでとりあえず終了です。 

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Anonymous said...

you certainly don't look THAT old, Motozo. Well done! Onwards :-) Joachim