Monday, September 04, 2017

Aizu triathlon: a humble sandwich, 会津トライアスロン。。景色がもちろん美しいけど...

Aizu was utsukushii as performance was not so utsukushii though...

However, I live vicariously through the exploits of friends. Mika Tokairin won her age group and really crushed the bike downhill course. Meeks and Steve K had strong races. I was still in recovery mode with little power on the bike...I did 2:28, 1 minute slower than last year. It was a humbling race, but with 2 mid/long distance races sandwiching Aizu in between, I cannot complain.


Swim: My swim turned out to be my best leg at 28 minutes, but this course is much slower than most courses in Japan with the exception of Oshima. The single buoy line with 3 tight 440 meter loops just doesn't cut it. Lots of anti-draft from swimmers coming from the opposite direction. Congestion most of the swim with the slow 1st wave swimmers jamming up most of the course. Got a bit of daylight after the 2nd lap.

                        with the 2 winners, Mika T. (AG #1) and overall #1

Bike: I did a 1:03 bike, 37 kph average speed. This sounds rather fast, but actually kinda slow given the favorable conditions (no wind). I have done 58 minutes on this course. I tried to stay with Misu-sensei on the bike,  but just didn't have the legs. He dropped me like a bad disease, and finished 3rd in his AG. My bike total was 1:08 including 2 transitions.

Run: Painful. 51 minutes of pain. 5:15 pace. 3 minutes slower than last year. I was cramping as I tried to run at 5 minute pace, and it was getting hot. Stomach cramps. I guess I shouldn't have experimented with the local fish cuisine. I just didn't have anything in the tank either. Quite a contrast to the half marathon in Hokkaido 7 days earlier where I ran 5:05 pace! I managed to pick up the pace around 7k and ran the last at 4:30 pace. Much too little, too late...ah well, humble experiences make you stronger, they say..

Totals: 2:28:18, 130th place, 22nd in AG.

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