Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Aizu, Fukushima triathlon: tiny little baby steps

I squeaked out a 30-second PB in Aizu. This was my 4th time doing the race so I knew the bike would be fast and run hot....or so I thought...
It rained throughout the morning, raising concerns about the speed achievable on the point A to B bike course. Dave Sims and I took a taxi from the hotel to the swim start in the drizzle, barely made it to the start in time before the 1 hour waiting phase before the start.
The wet pavement and rains didn't seem to slow me down though. And the cool weather helped my run somewhat.
Swim: The swim was disappointingly slow for me at 28 minutes. I was hoping for 24 minutes or so. Simses was slow at 26 minutes so I didn't feel that bad.
Apparently it was long (1.7k according to Sims' garmin).

Bike: The bike was super fast despite the wet course. I broke the 1 hour barrier for the first time with a 58 minute ride. Of course the bike course has a downhill bit on the A to B course, but still I was faster than previous years. Including the 2 transitions my bike time was 1:04:29.

Run: The run felt pretty good. I ran a 44 minutes.

Full results here:

I ranked 48th overall and 13th in my age group. Once again my bike was most competitve followed by swim and run.

As you can see, I have plenty of bike companions.

第17回うつくしまトライアスロンinあいづ【公式記録】 2015年8月23日開催

48 322 Rubenstein David 48 男東京都 2:17:02

 0:28:33 60 1:04:29 42 1:33:02 44 0:44:00 86 47 男子40代13


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