Sunday, May 11, 2008

ironman training update, 9 weeks to go

Sugoi! What an iron week it has been. With the help of the golden week holiday, I did 16 hours this week of training, and also managed a nice, relaxing 2 day respite in Hakone (in between bikes and runs). We actually ran around Lake Ashinoko, which is pictured here from the top of Mount Komagatake, where we hiked up and rode the gondola down.
With 9 weeks to go, I feel stronger and more confident. Below is my past 2 weeks of training, which has been the start of the real ramp in training following the China half-ironman:

April 28-May 4

Monday 2.3k swim, 1 hour
Tuesday 25k bike, 1 hour, 15k run, 1.2 hours
Wednesday 10k run at track, 1 hour
Thursday 2.8k swim, 1.5 hours
Friday off
Saturday 10k TELL run, 44 minutes, 10k bike, 30 minutes
Sunday 83k bike, 3 hours, 20k brick run, 1:45
Week total: 179K, 11.9 hours, 5.1k swim, 119k bike, 55k run
May 5-11
Monday 105k bike, 4 hours
Tuesday 4k hike, 1 hour
Wednesday 21k run in Hakone, 2 hours
Thursday 2.4k swim, 1 hour
Friday off
Saturday 30k run, 2:44, 2.5k swim, 1 hour
Sunday 95k bike, 3:17, 9k brick run, :55

Week total: 269K, 16.0 hours, 4.9k swim, 200k bike, 65k run
So this past week was the monster week. I hit my peak goal of over 15 hours with 16 hours. An extra bike on Monday helped, plus an extra long half marathon run with Meg (arigatou!) on Wednesday around Ashinoko in Hakone. I feel good on the brick runs after long bike rides, maintaining a 5 to 5 1/2 minute pace for 9k to 20k. The long run on Saturday was tough due to a bloody blister on my right foot and some aches during the last 10k, but my stamina felt OK. Thanks to Mika for staying with me for the first 20k around the 2.5k Yoyogi park loops. And a big shout to ironman Chad for riding with me 2 consecutive days on Sunday and Monday of the golden weekend. Topped off Saturday with a 1 hour swim after a acupuncture session. My hari guy is saying that my hamstring is looking better. I think the 65k run this week proves that somewhat. The monster weekend finished off this monster week with an exclamation point!. I did about 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday: 2.5k swim, 95k bike, 39k run, so about 2/3 of an ironman in 2 days. Not too shabby for a rainy weekend....

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